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YouTube Begins 4 New Features For Video Creators

YouTube video introduces new features for the video creators that will allow them to provide a better experience for viewers. The four new features designed by YouTube to help creators improve their videos and moderate their channels. All new features had been previewed in the latest release of the company’s ‘Creator Insider’ videos.

Some new features are ready now, while others are operating out over the next few weeks.

Following are the new features for video creators

Know When Your Viewers is Online

This new feature was launched last month and working 100% of the channels.

In this feature, YouTube provides video creators access to data, which lets them know when their viewers are online. This data will spot the actual time, which will show the exact hour during the week a channel’s audience is most active.

New features also recommend the best times to broadcast live streams using this data.
Video creators can also choose to schedule the uploading of videos when the most maximum of their audience is online.

Improper Comments for Review

The earlier optional setting to handle inappropriate comments for the report will now turn to be the default. This feature will helps creators to improve the quality of conversations on their channels by managing their comments.

The default setting will resolve in the next few weeks. Video creators will notify a message on YouTube Studio when the setting has been enabled for their channel. The setting can be turned on or off at any time, which is already available to all channels.

Video Chapters

The new video chapters feature launched by Youtube, and all video creators will be getting access in a few weeks. This new feature will allow creators to split down their videos into different chapters that the viewer can jump through.
You need to do is add timestamps to the video description and ensure the first one starts at “0:00” if you want to use this feature.

The video must have at least three chapters, with each chapter being 10 seconds or longer if you want to use this new feature.

Scheduling Posts

The capability to program society posts is now possible and available on the desktop web main app. This new characteristic enables video creators to draft society posts ahead of time and specify a future uploading date.

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