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Top Website Development Trends To Follow In 2020

If you are busy on your personal life then I want to tell you that 2020 is just 2 weeks away. For Webmasters and website developers, the New Year means new and refreshing website development methods and technologies. I am just saying that, every upcoming year comes with the stacks of evolved methodologies and advancement in technologies. These advancement in technologies or we can say these website development trends offers an opportunity to reach the global audience and help you improve your business outreach and also to enhance your sales. Implementing the upcoming web development trends will help you get massive benefits with respect to your business revenue.

Do you ever think that how will be the 2020 going to look and feel for websites? What type of technology and platform will rule over the web development scene?

We, Uniquoe, the Best Website Development Company in Delhi NCR will help you to explore the E-Commerce Website Development Trends to follow in 2020.

Take a deep look,

Website Development Trends to implement in 2020

  • Chatbot Implementation

Due to the popularity of social media platforms and messaging apps, interaction through website is highly demanding. This chatbot will help users to search and get information easily. Not every company hires on-staff customer support representatives available 24/7 for your global audience. Even it is very difficult for the representatives to manage the customer’s queries, if they don’t know the native language of their customers. To make it easy, you can also combine chatbots with different writing platforms to write personalized contents for their users.

Chatbots are used to perform various user-centric roles that includes general help, purchase advice, website troubleshooting and also for the users to get in touch with your representative via chatbots.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Well, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not able to become quite popular as it is costly to design the video and add it on the website. These amazing technologies can help you to offer a better experience for the users and even get better sales. These technologies are not become mainstream in the E-Commerce Website but sooner and later, it can be tried in the video hosting services. Many tech giant’s websites like Google, Youtube, Microsoft etc, have been implementing it into their website.

  • Internet of Things

Here comes the latest website development trend, IoT (Internet of Things). It is a set of devices that are connected to the internet and will help you to provide your services to your users in a best possible way. This latest trend will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the gadget. IoT enabled gadget should connect with the internet to experience this amazing technology.

  • Mobile Friendly Websites

This is the evergreen trend that is always treated as the latest e-commerce website development trend. If you are planning to develop a website then you should make sure that the website should be mobile-friendly. So to make a mobile-friendly website, you need to optimized, as images used, effects, animations, site speed, font, layout, design and many other options. You should also test your website on different mobile devices having different screen size.

  • Push Notification

This is one of the latest trends which is already implementing on many websites and applications. This is the technology which helps users to get notification about the new messages on their screen. This amazing technology is used to send direct information to your customers about your on-going services or products sales, new blog posts and many other notifications.

  • Motion UI

Well, website development is growing continuously and the usage of smooth animation in website is also growing and becoming quite popular. Developers can use Motion UI and can choose to animate their content without struggling with JavaScript or jQuery.

  • Voice Search

Speech Recognition or Voice Search is gaining massive attraction. This specific feature is available on mobile, PCs and many other platforms. We are in the phase of time where you can find many voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Alexa and many other third-party apps as well.

  • Single Page Websites

Single Page Websites are going to be trending in upcoming 2020. In this single page website, you will find every section of website in a single long page. This will help your user to find every related stuff in a single page in a form of links. Users need to scroll the page to find the different sections of the website. It offers the absence of complex and deep menu and it will also make your user experience user-friendly ambiance as everything you can find in an easy scroll with your finger.

  • Minimalist Design

Developing complex website now becomes one of the old website development trends. Nowadays plain and simple content with some powerful images put carefully on the right, left and center.  This will bring out the overall design through vertical and horizontal scrolling that actually offers a distinctive website design.

  • Security

Safety and Security of website is very essential as there are lots of hackers around the world who can hack your website and get all the data and information from your website. A Safe and Secured website get better ranking on search engines as compared to the other insecure website.

  • Conclusion

Well, we all know that Website Development is rapidly changing its form. So it is important that you should update about the latest trends. For that you should visit our website. Uniquoe is the portal where you can find the latest trends and many other useful tips & tricks that will help you grow your business. We have team of experts who will help you develop and design website, promote your website, make your business popular and help you gain potential revenue at an affordable cost.


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