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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown throughout the world is creating major economic impacts. The pandemic provides an essential benefit to our modern society if we use the top digital marketing trends. With the increase in the internet and connectivity enabled many businesses to continue operation despite not being able to open their physical stores.

COVID-19 pandemic has altered our way of life and forced us to think about our online business presence.

Digital marketing trends make it essential to know that there are significant improvements you can make to your digital marketing strategy that will bring solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

The following are the top 5 digital marketing trends expanding amongst this pandemic to help maximize response and subsequent sales performance:

1.Interactive Content

Interactive content needs active engagement and meetings from its consumers, which is the most effective digital marketing trend these days. Interactive content is created to capture user attention and boost them to take action. 

Using interactive content, marketers can build different practices that are funny and pleasant.

Interactive content in digital marketing trends provides new marketers with a plan to engage their audience with quality experiences that capture insights and provide useful information.

2.New-Breed SEO

This digital marketing trend explains how the new SEO team determines our clientele’s most critical opportunities to drive more organic traffic to their website.

SEO team achieves the purposes through investigating high-opportunity keywords, sales-ready websites, updating technical SEO errors, and creating plans to grow backlinking opportunities.

3.Social Commerce

Social commerce is the best digital marketing trend to promote and sell products and services by using social media marketing websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as vehicles.

This digital marketing trend is measured by the degree to which consumers interact with the company’s marketing through retweets, likes, and shares.

Smart marketers have managed to hit two growing digital marketing trends, i.e., e-commerce and social media marketing, which had made social commerce the norm.

36% of internet users in the US say that social network has become as important as other information sources for marketing product choices. It is safe to say that social commerce will continue to be a hot digital marketing trend next year.

4.Smart Bidding Google ads

In digital marketing trends, smart bidding refers to the use of machine learning by Google ads to optimize bids for conversion. It also called auction-time bidding.

The improvement to smart bidding announced at Google marketing Live 2019 is going to be a game-changer, especially in digital marketing trends. PPC account managers can celebrate as they now can choose conversion actions at the campaign level, and according to specific periods. In 2020, we expect automaton and smart bidding to become a digital marketing norm.

5.Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR)

In digital marketing trends, engaging consumers and raising brand experience are both essential. Using new technology such as VR and AR to achieve this has become the rising digital marketing trend.

Augmented reality is an immersive user experience that layers digitally generated images over the user’s existing reality, typically through the users with the app and phone camera.

Virtual reality is a digitally-generated simulation of an alternative reality to the user currently experienced. 

AR boosts the visual impact of sales presentations since it aims to create three- dimensional thinking. VR is one of the most immersive of reality technologies.

To help with this, our team provides digital marketing services to put together a listing of key digital marketing trends worth concentrating on amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, which could maximize response, and subsequent sales performance.