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Best 10 tools for handling social media accounts-

These days social media tools are essential to your business and take hardly twenty minutes to handle social media account. The tools help you to manage all your social media accounts in one place and create a great impact in the field of social media marketing.

Around 73% of consumers buy their favorite brands that are positively and quickly engaging on social media. It means a brand needs high engagement all the time.

Engagement is one of the best methods to create a meaningful relationship with potential customers. Representing your brand all day on social media needs a particular handler for creating active engagement with users. There are only a few hours in the day to get everything done on social media. Finding the new idea for content and keeping eyes on competitors, social media needs useful tools to manage it.

Fortunately,  we have a compiled list of top and most practical social media management tools. All of these tools will help you work sharp and intelligent.

 The following are the most powerful social media marketing platforms that improve your social media existence:


MeetEdger is one of the best platforms for scheduling content over different social media accounts. It also helps in creating and posting consistent content within the proper schedule. This platform allows you to use multiple accounts, also respond and send messages.MeetEdger provides complete analysis to make better strategies for implementing in the future. Edgar makes sure that the content should not run out of track when your content topics are defined and scheduled.  The best feature of MeetEdger is re-sharing of old content, which is dropped or missed by the audience in the first round of posting.


BuzzSumo is the perfect tool to bring out the new idea for the content you are going to create or update inside the article and topics. BuzzSumo is a social media sorting tool for content marketers. BuzzSumo helps content marketers to examine the best performing content.

To create different types of content, you can use the filters like Articles, Guest posts, Infographics, Videos, and Interviews.

A unique key feature in Buzzsumo is to find influencers by topic and start following them immediately from inside of BuzzSumo. After you follow the influencer, you can see the latest content and domain by them.

3.Post Planner-

Post Planner is a technique designed to enhance social media marketing activities. This platform makes easy sharing and manages content consistently. Post Planner includes measurable and remarkable results with their social media posts.

The tool also gives performance engagement rankings for each content posted over the social media platforms. Post Planner’s custom algorithms create the ranking, which helps to determine whether a post is worth sharing.

4. Sprout Social-

This platform helps and turns social data into meaningful insights—at scale. Sprout social help in saving time and gain high social performance by completing your daily social media tactics.

Sprout Social continues to develop new features for a small business company or an enterprise company. One of the latest highlights of Sprout social is to enhance the workflow of the company.


This method directly helps the retailer to share user-created content from Instagram to the website, which directly helps in the growth of sales and also monitors the brand.

Foursixty aims to showcase products by specific Instagram galleries post that users tags and shares. The product display from Instagram can be displayed and modified across the shopping page. These Instagram posts inspire shoppers to add additional items to their cart and follow along on Instagram.


SOCi is a social media management platform and reputation tool to address the three critical areas of localized social marketing growth, presence, and care.

This platform solves the complex workflow needs of multi-location marketers. With one convenient tool, SOCi scales the social engagements across hundreds of online reviews, local pages, and social ads.

SOCi is the Content Center, which directly helps in scoring with a different algorithm to tell you what social content is engaging.


Hootsuite is one of the most powerful platforms that keep track and manage your many social network channels. One of the best features of Hootsuite is to monitor audience response over your brand and help you respond instantly. Hootsuite monitor and schedule posts for 35 different social networks.

One of the biggest competitors of this platform is the Sprout Suit for social media management.

Few characteristics of Hootsuite are :

  • Up to three social media profiles are free in Hootsuite with a 30-day trial.
  • When it comes to languages, Sprout Social is entirely international, but Hootsuite has few limitations.
  • A list of programs like Salesforce, Marketo, and SocialFlow, have been joined inside Hootsuite.


Tweet Reach is a tool with features like real-time monitoring. It is a Twitter analytics platform for measuring Twitter account. In terms of performance and engagement for Twitter, this tool fits in the performance section. Tweet Reach helps the user to track the competitor’s topics or profiles, Create Trackers for Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram. In front of new audiences, this tool discovers the hashtags. One of the best features of this tool is that it exports your data into PDF or CSV.

9.Social Bakers-

Social Baker gives the user real-time insights for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Social Bakes shows all results in one platform, including track engagement, social advertisement, and share reports. This platform helps to compare the performance of up to 10 social media profiles or industries at a time. After examining the performance, a report is generated, which directly helps to track the competitors.

10. Bitly-

Bitly is one of the powerful tools that let you shorten your long URLs. Bitly helps you to share, save your essential links over multiple channels like email, social media, and more. Bitly solved the problem when Twitter decided to make limited figures for a tweet (140 characters by shortening the URLs for copying and pasting.

 Bitly permit you to customized the long code URLs into short and easy form.