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No Longer Require a Facebook Page For New Instagram Advertisers

Business accounts will now be able to run promotions for a post directly within the app, who has never run Instagram ads previously. This week, Facebook announced that new advertisers in the U.S. and Turkey who want to promote an Instagram post would no longer need to have a Facebook page.

It’s Working

Users who require to promote a post can continue to their Instagram profile and tap on the post they need to run as an ad. Even they can then tap “Promote” below the post’s image.

Choices for budget, length of the campaign, audience targeting, and ad destination can then picked.

This feature is ONLY available to accounts promoting a post for the first time, and only be a business account. 

The user who has already promoted posts would have earlier linked their Instagram to their Facebook presence.

Does It Affect Existing Advertisers?

And the answer is it should not. If the users earlier run Instagram ads through your Facebook ads account, it will all operate and look the same way.

How Will I Know If My Instagram account connected to a Business Account?

The best and easiest way to check this is by going to your profile and hitting the three-bar symbol in the upper right. Then click “Settings.”

After this, you will get a list of Settings, then hit the Payments choice

Tap the first option for “Promotion Payments.”

If you view a number, your Instagram account not connected to your Facebook presence. Or, if you display a name, then it is connected.

Is This a Major Deal?

 When you take a step back and watch the ad ecosystem, it may perform this a lot more exciting than it seems for the first time.

The following are the reasons which make this more interesting:

It’s producing a little division between Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram ads are just a parent/child connection on the Facebook ads platform. It subsists as a placement choice where the boxes checked.

Instagram’s extension has been positive and has begun to obtain traction among the over-35 demographic that has been hanging on to Facebook as younger demographics have bailed for other apps.

It is interspacing Instagram ad dollars from Facebook.

Including Instagram recognized as the company’s greatest hope for continued ad revenue growth in the future, it requires to guard. This difference doesn’t accomplish that, but it does signal that it might be on Facebook revenue strategists’ internal minds.