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Instagram Lets You Pin Comment and Control Who Tags You in Posts

Instagram is introducing new significant features and variations on its app that will give you more authority over who is engaging with your content. It includes testing a new feature that will enable users to pin their choice comments to the top of posts.

This innovation has the potential to add other levels of engagement to Instagram posts.

This feature also allows you to pin comments on top and stop others from tagging you in posts or comments.

Positiveness Pinning 

The new feature will help people manage multiple unwanted interactions, also in situations where a user is getting inappropriate comments.

Instagram users can pin a significantly positive comment to the top of a post and embed the negative Comment.
The official said that soon they would start testing pinned comments.
Pinned feature of Instagram gives people a way to set the mode for their account and join with their society or association by pinning several comments to the top of their comments thread.

Negative Comments Eliminating 

Instagram is testing the strength to delete great numbers of undesired comments.

Instagram also said that it could feel unbelievable to handle a rush of negative comments, so they have been experimenting with the capability to delete comments in bulk and also restrict or block multiple accounts that post negative comments.

For those people who have a larger number of followings, this feature can help those people by maintaining a positive environment on their account.

Tagging You in a Post or a Comment

This new feature allows Instagram users to choose who can tag and mention them. The user could have control who is tagging you in a post or a comment on Instagram.

The official of Instagram says the user can choose whether you want everyone, only people you follow or no one to be able to tag you in a comment, story, or caption.

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