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How to boost your Page Speed in 2020?

Many of the tech people think that website speed and page speed is the same. But they both are different. Page speed describes the loading speed of the page. Better page speed will be beneficial in terms of SEO. If your SEO is right, then you will receive significant traffic, and traffic turns into potential conversion means a better page speed will provide you excellent business revenue.

We Uniquoe, the Best Website Designing Company, will let you know how to boost your page speed in 2019?

  • Enable Compression
    You have to use Gzip, which is a software application to compress the file. It is used to shrink the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes. If you want to compress images, then never use Gzip, you should use Photoshop to optimize the images.
  • Remove unnecessary CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
    You should remove spaces, commas, and other characters; this will boost your page speed. You should also remove code comments, formatting, and unused code.
  • Go less with Redirects
    Whenever your page redirects to another page, then your visitors have to wait for a while. They have to wait for the HTTP request-response cycle to complete.
  • Don’t use render-blocking JavaScript
    Before rendering a page, the browser has to develop a DOM tree by parsing HTML. If your browser experiences a script during the procedure, then stop it before it can continue.
  • Leverage Browser Caching
    Whenever a user closes their browser, there are lots of caches that are developed like stylesheets, images, JavaScript, and many more. That means whenever the visitors will come back and open their browser; they don’t need to reopen their previous site. History is used to reload your visited sites.
  • Work on the Server response time
    The amount of traffic you are receiving will inevitably affect your server response time. The resources, the software, and the hosting also change the server response time. If you are working to improve your server response time, then fix slow database queries, routing, and lack of adequate memory.
  • Use a CDNs
    CDNs, also known as Content Distribution Networks or Content Delivery Networks, is a network of servers that are used to deliver the vast data of contents.
  • Optimize Images
    You should optimize your image to improve your page speed. Your image should be perfect before uploading it on your page for any purpose. The image should be perfectly cropped or having an ideal ratio concerning the page theme size.
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