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New Special Announcements Enhancement Report Introduced To Google Search Console

Google announced a new Special Announcements Enhancement report to Search Console, which includes a new way for sites to highlight COVID-19 announcements on Google Search.

The tool supports Special Announcement structured data to their web pages or submits a COVID-19 announcement. New Special Announcements Enhancement report will help many organizations and groups to publish important coronavirus-related announcements.

New structured data markup supported only in Google search results for specific categories of websites.

Google is using special announcement structured data to highlight announcements from health and government agency sites, which includes essential updates like school closures or stay-at-home directives.

Google developing this feature, and they want to expand it to more sites.

Special Announcements Enhancement report

The Special Announcements Enhancement report focuses on identifying errors, warnings, and proper implementations. This report can use by the website owners to get a complete overview of their markup added correctly. Except for special announcements, other essential options can be used by the sites to highlight information such as canceled events or changes to business hours.

Site owners can validate the fix right from the Search Console report to make sure the problem is appropriately undertaken.

Special Announcements in the Performance report

The Search Console Performance report can be used to check and shows clicks, impressions, and CTR results for special announcement pages.

A new performance report in Search Console will focus on the total impressions and total clicks of search results with special announcement markup.

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