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The latest updates in Google Search Console

The dynamic updates to Google Search Console are coming. Google Search Console link with webmasters to provide information about drawback, website errors, and other significant problems that affect the visibility of the website on Google search. The Google Search Console has been updated regularly with advance changes to features and becomes the most powerful search engine optimization tool. The advance feature in tools and reports for search engine optimization professionals will be more useful for solving challenges.

New Tools and Reports

Performance Report

The new performance report includes charts that provide click, impression, CTR, and average ranking metrics at a page, query, country, and device level.

This new report shows important metrics about how your site performs in Google Search results. This information will help to improve your site’s search performance. For example, to see your search traffic changes over time and where it’s coming from. This report also helps to know queries are made on smartphones and use these queries to improve your mobile targeting.

Following Old Search Console report is replaced –

Search Analytics


This new link report is the combination of both Links to your Site and Internal Links report, with more reliable link count numbers.

This Link report has the following information

  • Top linking domains 
  • Top linked pages 
  • Which are the top linked pages from a specific site?
  • Top linking text 
  • What are the links from a specific site to my page?
  • What are the top sites linking to my page?
  • Top linked pages 
Link report  picture of Google Search Console

Following Old Search Console report is replaced –

  •  Link to your site 
  •  Internal links

Index Coverage

New Index coverage provides all the information on the old report, plus detailed crawl status information from the Google Index. This report is easier to understand. The summary report shows the index status of all pages that Google has attempted to crawl on your site, grouped by status and reason. The new Index Coverage report gives site-level insights regarding crawling and indexing issues.

Index coverage report picture of Google Search Console

Following Old Search Console report is replaced –

  • Index Status 
  • Crawl Errors

URL Inspection

The most recent addition to Search Console is an examination of the URL with an in-depth URL-level analysis. The instrument is useful even as it stops Google’s crawling and indexing functioning from being as much of a black box.

Google search console added components to URL Inspection, including the capacity to test the live URL, see the provided page, and detect page resources that couldn’t be loaded.

URL Inspection picture of Google Search Console

Following Old Search Console report is replaced –

  • Crawl Errors
  • Fetch as Google
  • Blocked Resource

Change Of Address features

The new functionality like the change of address section gives you insights about whether the address change has been successful or not.

After redirecting the website, webmasters used the address tool within the search console to let Google Crawlers know that the site has moved to the new domain or subdomain. 

On-Screen Reminder

Google will completely redirect the whole rankings signals of the old domain to the new one. An estimated of successful 301 redirects will take 180 days. The change depends upon the number of pages within the site and the number of backlinks it has generated.


Google also decided to disapprove few tools and reports for various reasons.

HTML Improvements

This section of Google Search Console refers to a simple report in the old version of Search Console that communicates on-page issues adding ones concerning title tags and meta descriptions.

Why disapproved?

Due to the flagging issues with title tag and meta description length includes various tests, Google decided to get rid of this.

Property Sets

Property Sets have been a way to group single Search Console properties into one aggregate property. This feature lets you see data from a whole domain in one view within Google Search Console.

Why disapproved?

 A small number of users only use the property set, so Google decided to eliminate it.

Android Apps

Google has slowly switched off app indexing features in Search Console. Google has removed the app indexing features within the Search Console API. Google announced this on its blog, saying that “no longer supports these Android app search appearance types.”

Why disapproved?

App indexing at present handled in Firebase. Firebase App Indexing gets your app into Google Search.