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Google Response Over Quora for Link Building

There is a long discussion going on Twitter regarding the Quora website for link building. Google’s John Mueller gives a comment that shows Google is aware of the exercise.

Quora for Link Building

Quora is an online site where people can post online questions and answer. Questions are asked and answered by people. Quora is a website that was founded by people who were formerly associated with Facebook.

The procedure of using Quora for link building is the same strategy for profile link spamming and forum spamming.

Profile Link Building Tactic

Profile link builders are those people who visit a forum and make few posts and then vanish.

Profile Link Building tactic works when a forum member makes a post, and there’s a link back to their profile from their profile shown in the argument. The site that is being promoted gets a link back on their profile page. The best part of the Profile link building is that it is easy to spot.

Forum Spam Tactic

Forum spamming includes a particular group of people that ask questions answers and adds a link to the site for more information.

Forum spam is usually posted on message boards by automated or manually with unethical intentions.
Most of the people who operate forum communities watched this section as spam.

Link Building on Quora for Traffic

Few digital experts say that nofollow links on Quora will result in massive traffic.
Research shows that Quora is mostly popular in countries like India, Nepal, China, and Bangladesh.

Google Trends Past 12 Month

It means that there could be a large amount of traffic through the quora link building.
This kind of activity is not useful until the Link building for traffic to a site is not targeting India, Nepal, China, and Bangladesh.

Quora Popularity On a scale of 1 to 100

For What Reason Quora is a Link Building Target?

The links in Quora are no-followed, but link builders with low-quality spammy declare that Google has an adoration for those nofollow links.

Why Apply Quora for Link Building?

The expert promoting Quora for link building declares that Quora has a high Moz Domain Authority score.

What does Google say About Quora for Link Building?

Google’s John Mueller did not say that Google ignores Quora links. He posted on Twitter, which didn’t sound incredibly passionate about nofollow Quora links.

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