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Facebook & Instagram Add Extra Features to Promote Local Businesses

New features operating out to Facebook and Instagram will help users discover, identify, and promote small businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, Facebook is growing its applications to support local businesses.

New features of Facebook and Instagram will allow other users to discover and support small businesses in your area.

Businesses Nearby

Facebook is adding a feature that will allow users to find essential products and services more quickly, which helps businesses get more practical measure traffic as they move online.

People can discover the newest information on local stores, message them directly, place orders, or buy products. Facebook is operating on plans to help people get products and services from local businesses.

Businesses Nearby

Communicate with Customers Directly

To make it more comfortable for businesses to communicate directly with customers, Facebook is starting an upgrade of the Business Inbox in Messenger.

This new upgrade will enable page administrators to switch between a personal account and a page account within Messenger.

Support Small Businesses Sticker

The Instagram new feature includes a Support Small Businesses sticker that will let users display their affection for small businesses. If you add a story with this sticker, it will be added to a shared Instagram story.

Support Small Businesses Sticker

COVID-19 Tags

With related to COVID-19, Facebook is adding a method for businesses to tag posts. A COVID-19 tag will additionally reach out in the news feed and catch peoples’ attention.

If you are creating a post on a Facebook business page, now there will be an option to add a COVID-19 tag.

Resource Center for Businesses

Facebook latest information related to COVID-19 includes the production of a dedicated resource center for businesses. The new resource center located in the shortcuts on the Facebook app and within businesses’ profiles on Instagram.