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The 10 biggest digital marketing trends for 2020

Digital marketing is continuously transforming its market with its latest trends that will give new reach and ideas to your business. If you are not updating your business with the latest digital marketing trends, it means your business is lacking in new ideas and reach that will be beneficial for your company. Don’t think your target customers and your competitors are unaware of the latest trends when you are unfamiliar with the latest trends. One of the biggest reasons that you should be aware of the newest trend in digital marketing is the interactions between brands and consumers, and a desire to make marketing more digital. This year we will see the latest marketing trends going alongside the older trends, but some trends could be not in use again.

Following are the ten new digital marketing trends 2020:

1.Direct Message

 Online marketing changes the way of communication. Direct messaging is one of the instant ways to grow your business. Direct messaging is also known as DM marketing commonly used in social media platforms. Nowadays, brands are getting more personal with customers using Direct Messaging Trend. Direct messaging is becoming one of the latest digital marketing trends of 2020 for converting a lead into a sale. Brands are building more reliable connections with their customers from messaging apps like WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, also with private messages on social media like Twitter or Instagram.

Brands are doing direct messaging to customers for creating productive relationships, taking complaints, and sales orders.

 2.Social Shopping

From the last decade, companies trying to influence their customer to visit their online store. Now the effort to bringing the customer to the online store is almost lacking. From social shopping, customers can buy products directly through social media posts or ads.

 Social shopping posts are not new in digital marketing until when Instagram launched Instagram Checkout in 2019.

 The purpose is to create a few steps, easy or direct market platform to the customers, by selling directly on social media.

3.Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most growing digital marketing trends for a few years and still successfully growing. It started with a high level of influencer who sets the trend in the market. Now day small level influencers making a significant impact, especially in digital marketing. These days small and medium-size enterprises are taking the help of small level influencers because of high fees and huge charges received by the big influencer. It is making a significant impact on every small, medium, and big enterprises.

Small level influencers also often have a better engagement rate than the more popular influencers.

4.Connected Emails

Interactive email content increases the click-to-open and adding videos to your email content can boost click rates. Email’s still playing high reach when it comes to adding interactivity. Different ways that help email to become interactive. One trending way these days is the use or attaching of GIFs with emails. Email marketing now utilizes functions like web page buttons and other interactions. Now days even using web page-based email templates is not enough; you have to use creative and catchy visuals.


Vlog is the shortened form of a video blog or video log. These days video blogs are more popular with the success of YouTube, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat. Vlog creates a personal and direct connection by connected directly to the viewers. One of the best features of the Vlog is live-stream, primarily used for events, business conferences, or a musical concert.

6.Social Listening

 It is the process of observing your brand’s social media channels by customer feedback or direct discussions. It helps in tracking, analyzing, and responding to conversations directly to the customer about your brand. It is not a new digital marketing trend still most relevant, trending, and most popular than other marketing trends. 

7.Marketing Technology 

Marketing Technology is a method in which software services used according to the need of the business, which directly improves organization experiences and supporting data. If your company and organization adopt the right software according to need, it can help your business against competitors.

8.Consumer Privacy

These days consumer privacy is one of the top concerns for people who are dealing online. Privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation applied to improve data privacy policy with an increase in penalty. Customer solutions should be implemented that can improve security, reduce fraud, and improve insight about customers across multiple devices.

9.Voice Search

 Voice search strategy is the best way to create a unique and optimized customer experience that will foster relationships and build brand loyalty. To provide valuable insights about users that can lead to more personalized messages and content like Alexa and Google Assistant have a different voice. It is an excellent method for improving customer experience. Consumers are also expecting to use voice search more in the future.

 10.Live Video

Live video is great for getting the attention of your social audience on Facebook or Instagram. These types of videos are so attractive to viewers. Now Youtube also implemented the Live video option to their subscribers. Live videos help you to be the first to find out about some new and exciting news.