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Instagram Announces IGTV Monetization Feature for Creators.

Instagram has announced the next plane of monetization for IGTV. The new plan is going to adding new digital ‘badges’ for IG Live, which will allow viewers to donate money to their preferred broadcasters.

The new way will help creators to make money straight from their content on Instagram Live and IGTV.
IGTV has jumped into this plan because the influencer and creator world continues using this kind of platform.

IGTV’s Monetization Types

There will be two types of IGTV Monetization: ads and badges. IGTV Monetization will also continue to grow its Live Shopping offering, as well.

IGTV Badges

Badges will be rated in three various ranges, ranging in price from $0.99 to $4.99. Instagram will share all of that revenue with the creator partners in the initial test period.
IGTV Badges will show in front of a user’s name, and their comments will populate higher than others once a badge is acquired.

Instagram has seen an explosion in using live streaming, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instagram Live views bounced 70% from February to March 2020, which accelerated Instagram’s plans to launch badges.


Instagram from next week will start operating IGTV ads. These platforms include long-form video destinations, with at least 55% of the advertising revenue shared with creators.
IGTV Ads will be showing and monetized for an initial group of 200 approved creators.

In the beginning, IGTV will be running IGTV ads include Sephora, Puma, and Ikea. After clicking away from the feed preview, users will see ads to view the full-screen version. IGTV ads will not be a swipe up functionality.

Rules and Regulation of IGTV Monetization

An Instagram monetization policy is stricter than the general content policy on the platform, with the example given that users can’t curse or swear on videos you intend to monetize.
Also, there are rules which are related to behaviors, categories, and formats.

Instagram also is working to help creators to grow their e-commerce and branded content businesses on the platform.