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Search Engine Optimization

10 Biggest SEO Trends For 2020

Websites that have invested in creating SEO strategies and tactics will work to become more and more prominent when it comes to ranking higher up on search results.
If you want to thrive in SEO, you need to build a complete SEO strategy.

Following are the biggest SEO trends for 2020 

1.Featured Snippets

Google shows it at the top of the search results, above paid, and organic ads. For a few years, there are significant changes in Google’s search engine result page. Half of all searches result in no clicks because users get the answers they need directly from the search result. Featured Snippets are an opportunity to learn more clicks from the organic search results without higher Google rankings. Many SEOs refer to the Featured Snippet box as “Position #0” because it appears above the traditional #1 spot.


In 2019, Google’s launch the new BERT algorithm for every SEO professional. Google BERT in the SEO world has great hype because BERT is searching more about the semantics or meaning behind the words rather than the words themselves. 

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is Google’s neural network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training. This type of structure adds a layer of machine learning to Google’s AI designed to understand human language better.

Google BERT is a very complicated framework, and it is not so easy to understand the NLP theory and processes. In the SEO world, it is not essential to go deep in this algorithm, but SEO experts have to know what it’s doing and why it is useful for understanding how it will affect search results.

3.Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the process of enhancing your website for the indexing and crawling phase. Technical SEO has nothing to do with the actual content of the website, and the real objective of technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website.

Technical SEO includes the overall experience from the initial interaction in the SERPs, to the overall landing page experience. Technical SEO is a crucial piece of the User experience discussion. The first step taken by search engines is the crawling and indexing process, and during this process, search engines are looking for publicly available web pages to add to their index. On-Page SEO is related to content and how you can make it more relevant to what the user is searching for and while off-page SEO getting links from other websites to increase trust during the ranking process.

Technical SEO and SEO

4.Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your website for users on smartphones and tablets. Mobile SEO also includes the creating of your site resources accessible to search engine spiders. These days the number of mobile searches is exploding. Research shows that 58% of all searches in Google are done from a mobile device. If you want to survive in 2020, you need to implement mobile-friendly SEO and fix your mobile. It means to build your websites for mobile-first, then make them compatible for desktop. Instead of forecasting a user sitting at a desktop, you have to realize that most of the time, people will search your website via a mobile device.

5. Secure Websites

These days user safety is most trending, which doesn’t seem to have much to do with SEO, but it is crucial to the website user experience. If a user visiting your website and he doesn’t feel safe visiting a web page, then he likely to leave quickly. One another condition appears when the user sees a “Not Secure” warning appear, they may decide to not proceed to your page. The most crucial step for protecting your website is to enable HTTPS protocol for your site. 

6.High-Quality, Optimized Content

Content is the most crucial aspect that affects everything inside SEO. If you want to succeed in 2020, you have to write something relevant and valuable. You have to create an objective for preparing the best content on the web for your trending topic. Relevant and original content helps build your site authority and demand for your content and can directly result in ROI. Content for the website should be appropriately researched and should follow the logical structure, which makes the reader navigate and read the content easily.

7.Structured Data

Structuring data is a method that helps search engines to understand better about what is on a page, how each element on that page relates to other elements on the page, and how that page links to other pages within the website. Structured data can be your marketing data layer because it allows you to publish your content for search engines with context to provide service to your customers at any moment of interaction. There is some plugin that automatically structures your data correctly. With a few limitations, they are not trustworthy for structuring data.

8.Videos as a Source of Information

Informative videos or content throughout videos are a crucial part of your SEO strategy. These days YouTube videos support or provides the existing content on your website. In the latest research, six out of ten people would rather watch online videos than television. YouTube has now become the new television for people. A quality video can attract many users if it is dynamic and not boring. With the appropriate keywords in the description and headline for video will guarantee that the video reaches the largest number of people with great interest.

9. Voice Search

Voice search becomes very popular, and many people will type search queries in the same way they speak. The latest data shows that 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. Most of the search queries include long-tail and particular keywords so that users want an accurate answer to the exact question they searched. Bullet lists enhance the chances of ranking for voice queries.

 10. Marketers will leverage influencers for SEO

Recent statistics show the importance of influencer marketing for companies, mostly in beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and eCommerce. The online user is looking for authentic information they can trust. Influencers review is the most crucial source of information. If a company doesn’t plan or execute their sponsored content properly, they are not able to get the return on their investment in influencer marketing.